My misbchem, my friends and people, my family,

These are three artists who have shaped my character, my vision, my person, and made and keep me in the position I am as an art dealer. The struggle is real, and it is every day, but because of these three I can keep going. Without them I have nothing to speak about, nothing to sell. For me selling art is not something that comes naturally. It is only because they give me a story to tell that I feel I need to pass it on. It is part of my service.

There is nothingness, then a bit of light, and then nothingness again. And for that little moment of illumination I have chosen to remain committed to these stories. I have helped pay their rent when money was short, they have helped pay my rent when I moved up. I have gone downtown, been good, been bad, and become an adult with them.

This show is the first show off our new album. It will mix our talents, our wares, and our stories —however the same or different they have become. Matthew Chambers made a documentary of Henry Taylor. It shows his depths and his raw talent as he rises and becomes the man and artist that commands our attention.

This movie is just one example of Matthew’s selfless, giving spirit. Editioning skateboards of lesser-known cultural figures and giving them away to kids is another, as is making books and zines and generously distributing them for us to gain insight into his process. Matthew bares all and is often raw and always allows us to see further.

Zachary is a newer friend to me. I met him when I came to view his exhibition in Los Angeles. He walked me around the show, and he reminded me why I still love working with artists. He inspired me to want to know more, he made art because he knew no other option. He is a lifer, they are all three lifers and helped keep me in, which means fucking something in this new brave art world.

Let us drink tea!



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