Rental Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new watercolor paintings by artist Rob Davis, available online from June 26th - July 30th, 2020 in the gallery’s viewing room. The paintings are a highly personal group of vignettes of an American life; they lay before the viewer formative scenes from Davis's past, the make up of his American saga, testaments to a poem about sadness, hope, anxiety, beauty, and love.

The images come from diverse corners of Davis’s life to create a factual and fictional narrative in equal parts. Living Room illustrates a childhood safe haven in his grandmother’s home, whereas the other depiction of interiors is of a still from Paris Texas with the characters taken out in Photoshop. We see in Momma Davis’s mother riding a custom chopper circa 1976 in a retro updo. House, the work which gives the exhibition its title, depicts the home on Herbert Street inhabited by members of his family and friends at different times over the course of 20 years.

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