An exhibition exploring the life, works, and feigned death of the art-world provocateur. The conceptual conceit that binds the exhibition together is a relentless analysis and critique of the art ecosystem—the dissemination channels as art enters (and reenters) the commercial stream of commerce once it leaves the studio.

Retrospective consists of a broad array of Schachter’s work, spanning nearly 30 years and as many media. The works on view include video, computer manipulated photos, and various sculptural expressions in a host of materializations—from a floor-to-ceiling wall installation of wallpaper plastered with Schachter’s abundantly penned artnet News columns, to an explicit piggy bank inspired from a Chinese bath house sign that reads: “Forbidden Amuse Yourself”. Hardly an artworld or social figure is left untouched, with Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp,Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Art Basel some of the names, faces, and brands computer manipulated in Schachter’s trademark style.

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